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Custom Software Development


Application Development

Software comes in two forms: off the shelf, and custom developed. We focus on custom developed business solutions utilizing off-the-shelf applications when possible and practical. This integration can yield lower total cost of ownership, but often lacks the customization required by your unique business needs. In cases where that’s not desired, we can engineer a solution from the ground up.

Cross Functional

Business, Accounting, Development, & Support

Being a software development company requires a blending of technical, business, and leadership. Our software developers are groomed in a way that ensures their technical, business, and programming expertise. Our unique knowledge of business, accounting, and information technology allows us to interface with all levels of your organization providing a quick learn of your unique business domain.

Designed for Success

Requirements, design, implementation ... success!

We start our process by determining what required to be a success, then focus all efforts to ensure that we meet those requirements – this is what we design for. Your design will include prototypes and technical details outlining exactly what is to be completed for a successful engagement.

We follow the Unified Process for software development. The process starts at inception with requirements gathering, design, development, testing, deployment, and remediation. For additional changes, we then repeat the process. This ensures we determine and deliver what the client needs. While "agile" development focuses less on formal documentation, it's still neccessary and integeral to the process.

Systematize Processes

One of the biggest advantages of custom software development is the systematizing of your policies and procedures. When providing tasks to employees, it is human nature for each of us to approach a task differently. Unfortunately, this requires each of us to go through the same learning curves as we figure out the efficiencies and mishaps. Our policies and procedures are created to streamline this process. Implementing these business rules and algorithms in your management applications yield higher compliance rates. You can prevent an employee from breaking the rules by reminding them when the data indicates it’s needed.

Mobile First Adaptive Design

The modern business environment is no longer a desktop or laptop. Today, information comes on paper, mobile devices, tablets, and the internet. Your solution can harness these technologies resulting in higher productivity, more information captured, and less errors. Collecting data at the time it’s generated or apparent yields more accurate tallies. Recoding measurements and data on paper to have someone else type it in is inefficient and an opportunity to introduce errors. Having the person collect the data and enter it directly into your system yields higher accuracy as fidelity is not lost in the telephone game. Only custom software can utilize and harness these opportunities for your organization.

Project Bootstrapping

From conception to implementation… there's a lot of groundwork to be laid before the business objectives can be approached. We have developed incBootstrap to allow quick focus on requirements rather than prerequisites that don’t enhance the businesses use cases. incBootstrap provides users, groups, securables, and permissions for complete role based user management. incBootstrap also provides setting management and audit trail making your application enterprise ready. One of the big advantages of hiring us as your customer software development company, is the time and cost savings of developing a security and user model from scratch for each project.

Software Engineers

Internetwork Consulting LLC is in the business of providing software engineering services. We hire and train our software engineers through a process of assessing, initial project, internal project, and then client work. This process ensures that we provide opportunities to qualifies individuals, train them in the process, patterns, and architecture concepts that we employee on our projects.

Our initial pre-employment assessment separates those who want entry into the field, and those who deserve entry into the field. All software developers then complete an initial project. This make it or break it project runs our new engineer through the engineering process on a project that utilizes ‘n-teir’ architecture, integration, and the other technologies required to be a success. Upon completion of the project, we have the engineer work on one of our internal projects before working on client projects. This increases the complexity or projects to ensure competency and quality for our clients.